Renovated the station into an underground park in New York City

News - 09/10/2019

A long-term underground station in New York is the next renovation target in a series of projects bearing the slogan “NYC Is Green”. This is a project by Mercedes-Benz EQ in collaboration with art media maker Created Here with the participation of Dan Barasch, co-founder and CEO of The Lowline of New York.
NYC Is Green works to green New York City – something that any major city in the world is aiming for. Dan Barasch proposed the solution, The Lowline: turning a historic underground station into an underground green park.
Created Here is currently focusing on implementing Barasch’s ideas, with strong funding from Mercedes-Benz EQ allowing them to do so. As project executive, he also works as a community developer, always trying to change the way millions of New Yorkers interact with their city.

Earlier, the two companies introduced artists by Zaria Forman, the author of large-scale paintings of the Arctic and ocean views, to raise awareness about climate change. This improvement continues to bring green spaces whose goal is human health and climate – a global issue that has always been of concern.

As the first underground park in the world, The Lowline provides public green spaces where grasses can exist beneath the streets of New York. The project is in Barasch’s ideal: Redefining public spaces in urban areas.“If we can imagine cities as the first places people come, we can design them. to be metropolitan spaces that meet what people really want ”- Dan added

The underground trolley terminal has existed for more than 100 years in the Lower East Side. The Lowline project uses solar technology to be placed on the roofs of nearby buildings to provide light for greenery, trees and underground walkways, creating connected community spaces. everyone together.
The project is still in the process of construction and completion.


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