West Green Design – Bring the natural flower bird and the french design to life in Le Grand Jardin

News - 09/10/2019

On the morning of September 20, 2019 at Almaz Vinhomes Riverside International Conference Center, the launch event of the Le Grand Jardin project with the message “Brightening the garden of heaven”. This is also the symbol of the project that the Investor – Hanoi Construction Joint Stock Company No. 3 Hanco 3 wants to send to the urban residents about a quality living space, a fresh green flower. The budding was created by West Green Design (Design and Construction Landscape Project) and the leading construction and supervision contractors of world-class real estate.

Le Grand Jardin owns a total land area of nearly 2.67ha, divided into 2 subdivisions with 9 luxury apartment buildings, owns the location at the golden coordinates, the heart of Sai Dong town, Long Bien District, Hanoi. The project promises to bring a breath of fresh air into the eastern real estate market of the city with the mission of giving its residents a perfect life.

Designing the total surface of landscapes and subdivisions

To help the investor realize its mission, West Green Design has developed the project landscape design concept based on the inspiration of Hoa Thien Dieu’s image combined with the classic French royal design style from 17th century with timeless creativity to bring unique and sophisticated features in each contour, details for each landscape to create a Le Grand Jardin mingled with nature, full of vitality, ambition the same dreams.
At the event, for the first time, the truest design images of the entire landscape of the project were published through the introduction of Mr. Nicola Desiderio – Director of Image Design at WGD.

Mr. Nicola introduced a perspective view of the entire project

With a team of architects from many countries around the world such as France, Italy, Canada … and leading architects in Vietnam, WGD wants to create a high-class ecological community at Le Grand Jardin. Residents here can walk leisurely in lovely gardens, full of Thien Dieu flower, breathe fresh air, cool from the pool, landscape huts, flag gardens … and more than 20 other facilities for for family members: children’s play area, yoga yard, nursing area, badminton …
Here are some pictures of the landscape design project implemented by WGD that were introduced at the event:

Perspective of outdoor pool Lot No15

Perspective of children’s play area

Perspective foot massage stroll

Together with the Investor, construction contractors and supervisors, WGD will surely turn the dreams of QUALITY of modern residents into reality at Le Grand Jardin.


Project name: Le Grand Jardin

Landscape contractor: VinaLandscape

Landscape design: West Green Design


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