Location: Landscape Architect Manager

Number of recruitment : 3

Expiration date : 31/12/2019

Information details

  • Landscape Architect Manager
Number of recruitment
  • 3
Job description
  • Manager of exterior and landscape architecture design
  • Be the leader of the design team, responsible for the design results of the group.
  • Deploying preliminary design projects to construction technical designs; landscape architecture
  • Deploy implementation of technical drawings of construction details and technical explanation of construction works.
  • Making progress and deploying drawings in stages
  • Analyzing and implementing the design of ground, perspective and construction functions suitable to reality and highly applicable
  • Quality control, strict progress of assigned projects
  • Coordinate architecture of works; landscape architecture and other subjects
  • Communicate and take responsibility for customers for design documents
  • University degree in architecture or landscape architecture
  • 7 years of experience in designing and managing drawing records
  • Having capacity and high professional experience in architecture - landscape, understanding of planning - landscape.
  • Mastering the standards and norms of the state, having knowledge and reading and understanding the infrastructure drawings of leveling projects, water supply and drainage, electricity supply, structure ...
  • Experience in participating in 5-star Hotel, Resort projects, high-rise apartment complexes, large commercial centers is an advantage.
  • Proficient use of the software: AutoCAD (Sketchup or 3Dmax is an advantage)
  • Working in a dynamic, modern professional environment with many domestic and international projects.
  • Participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance regimes and other regimes according to the Company's regulations after signing the official contract.
  • Holidays: annual leave, public holiday, New Year holidays according to current law
Welfare regime
  • Traveling 1 year / 1 time, attractive salary, high bonus (Monthly salary 13)
  • Participate in extracurricular activities of the company
Other requirements
  • Dynamic, enthusiastic, responsible for the job
  • Having independent working skills and the ability to work in groups effectively
  • HR_ Ms. Tham: 02437953777 or 036 8308 434
  • Email:

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