Location: Technical Architecture Landscape

Number of recruitment : 5

Expiration date : 31/12/2019

Information details

  • Technical Architecture Landscape
Number of recruitment
  • 5
Job description
  • Development of design drawings; design documents; architectural design projects - landscapes of houses, apartments, hotels, hospitals in each period and according to regulations and standards.
  • Perform other tasks within the scope of technical implementation as required.
  • Coordinate with the design department and stakeholders to complete the construction project file
  • Surveying the situation measurement
  • University graduate major in Architecture, Design
  • Fluency in specialized software: Autocad / Revit / Archicad / 3D Rendering, and office software
  • Complete the assigned projects with satisfactory results on schedule.
  • Willing to work overtime when there are key projects
  • Withstand high work pressure, easily adapt quickly to a new working environment
  • Working in a dynamic, modern professional environment with many domestic and international projects.
  • Participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance regimes and other regimes according to the Company's regulations after signing the official contract.
  • Holidays: annual leave, public holiday, New Year holidays according to current law
Welfare regime
  • Traveling 1 year / 1 time, attractive salary, high bonus (Monthly salary 13)
  • Participate in extracurricular activities of the company
Other requirements
  • Dynamic, enthusiastic, responsible for the job
  • Having independent working skills and the ability to work in groups effectively
  • HR_ Ms. Tham: 02437953777 or 036 8308 434
  • Email:

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